AusLogics Disk Defrag

AusLogics Disk Defrag 10.0

Defragment your disks and improve computer performance and stability

Auslogics Disk Defrag can boost your system’s performance by speeding access to the contents stored on your disks. This is possible thanks to a technique called defragmentation, by which files are rearranged so that they occupy contiguous storage locations. Despite the relatively complex process going on under the hood, the program is quite easy to use, even if you do not have any previous experience.

The program has a straightforward interface, which helps you visualize the fragmentation state of your disks. It supports various types of storage devices, like hard disks, portable drives, and even SSD drives. Likewise, it allows performing three types of optimization: scanning + defragging, quick defragging and defragging + optimizing. Using quick defrag saves a lot of time and it is the most convenient when you optimize your system very frequently. The combination of defragmentation and optimization is supposed to take longer but produces the best results. Moreover, the tool lets you defragment specific files and folders as well as consolidate free space. It is also very convenient that it can check your disks for errors and try to repair them. In the specific case of solid-state disks, the program can help you reduce the frequency of write requests, thus extending the usable life of the device.

Luckily, defragmentation jobs can be scheduled to happen without user intervention. In this regard, it is easy to set a given frequency or configure the program to run auto-defrags when the system is idle.

In general, Auslogics Disk Defrag is undoubtedly a great substitute for Windows built-in disk defragmenter. The product is available in two versions, one of them completely free. The Pro version, in turn, has other handy features. These include defragmentation during boot time, access optimization for frequently used files and automatic prevention of disk fragmentation. Likewise, the paid version allows scheduling multiple tasks and saving reports in a variety of formats. The only thing I disliked about this program is that it tries to change your browser’s default search engine and homepage.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports various types of storage, including SSD
  • Various types of optimization
  • Can be used on specific files and folders
  • Task scheduling
  • Disk error finding and fixing
  • Optimizes SSD usage


  • Tries to change your browser’s default search engine and home page
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